Who We Help
  • First Home Buyers and Renters


>>> Low Deposit Holders


We are experts in helping First home buyers and people renting with low or no deposit to get started on the path to homeownership.


We have helped hundreds of clients start with limited savings and strong income, get into their new home. Purely by educating and clarifying each step of the process.

We work with clients to understand their position, educate them on what banks require and then take them through our finance ready program.


We have a proud partnership with Victoria’s largest homebuilder and can negotiate low deposits and favourable settlements with our partner and land estates around Victoria to enable you to get into your new House and land package.

  • Self Employed


We are business owners ourselves and understand that running a business is not easy.


We understand that producing your tax returns and financials doesn’t always happen on time or if you’ve got a great accountant helping you to reduce your tax legally. Which business owner wants to pay tax right.

However, when it comes to borrowing money, banks and accountants view things differently.


Banks need to see income and accountants feel they add value to you by reducing your income and saving you tax.


So whether it’s to reduce tax or because cash flow may be tight we have solutions to help self employed purchase their home or to help their business.

  • Families Wanting To Pay Off Their Home Loan In 15 Years Or Less


We use a revolutionary mortgage reduction and money management system that shows teaches you how to manage your income properly allowing you to live the life your family deserves whilst paying off your mortgage in half the time, giving you the lowest cost mortgage.

  • Property Investors


Through our own investing and from dealing with many property investors, we know the way your portfolio and next purchase needs to be structured in order to provide the right mix of asset protection, future ability to borrow and provide maximum tax and cash flow benefits.